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TV Repairing Tips by Expert TV Repair Shops in Lawrence KS

Tips To Tell If Your TV Is Worth Repairing by Expert TV Repair Shops in Lawrence KS

Your TV may not always have a hardware issue if it stops working for no obvious reason. Do some research and troubleshooting online before shelling out cash.

A non-working television with an improper display can be caused by several common issues, most of which can be fixed without a full-scale hardware repair.

If you suspect a hardware problem, you can determine whether to fix it or get a new one with a little bit of online research.

Here are a few handy tips from tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS, for evaluating if your system requires repair or not:

First, Do Some Troubleshooting

If your TV is giving you difficulty, your first stop should be the manufacturer’s website. They can offer guidance and potential solutions relevant to particular models because many do.

In case this doesn’t help, try searching online for your TV’s brand and model number along with a description of the issue, such as “brand name-XYZ-0000-ac won’t power on.”

There are likely to be many resources where others with the same issue have posted in hopes of receiving assistance.

Whether a DIY fix or a complete electronics repair in Lawrence, KS, this strategy might help eliminate some options. In the best-case scenario, you might learn whether the problem has been known and has prompted a recall, in addition to how much the repair would cost.

Research TV Repair Costs

The next step is determining the repair cost if your TV is damaged or your troubleshooting focuses on a particular hardware issue. You can find average national or local cost tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS, on several websites that offer a starting point.

Call a few reliable nearby repair businesses to get estimates next. While some provide free estimates, others charge for the time of their expert. That makes sense and need not be a deal-breaker. 

You can reject any whose estimates differ noticeably from the averages you looked up or the others. Lowball predictions frequently result in costs greater than anticipated, and high estimates could result in you paying more than necessary.

Most TV repairs involve a few common issues, such as a broken screen, a failed main circuit board or power supply board, or a failed capacitor or resistor. The fee incorporates the cost of replacement parts, the technician’s time, and a surcharge for completing the repair in your home rather than at the shop.

Compare the Prices

Repairing a damaged screen on a flat-panel TV is one of the more expensive fixes you might need to make. Even on the largest screens, it usually exceeds the price of a new television. A larger TV screen may be more expensive to replace, but so are new TVs, which may still be cost-effective. 

It’s important to think about the brand, too. Due to their popularity, TV screens from well-known brands like Samsung may cost less to repair than those of lesser-known brands. Minority or off-brand televisions may have a more difficult time locating replacement parts.

Get an estimate from tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS, and then check it against the price of a new TV. If the two numbers are somewhat similar, investing in a brand-new television with a warranty and the most up-to-date features may be worthwhile.

Account for Intangibles

It’s not always a matter of calculating costs and benefits. 

Can you find a way to avoid this? Not really; although you can take preventive measures to prolong the life of your set, it can still happen. A simple solution is to switch your devices to different inputs if, for example, one set of inputs has failed, but others still work. Buying a converter or adaptor is often less expensive than having your TV fixed.


If your TV is less than ten years old, has a problem that can be fixed, and the repair cost is less than half the price of a new TV, it might be best to get it fixed by tv repair shops in Lawrence, KS, it instead of buying a new one. 

If you decide to fix your TV yourself and find that you need new parts, Budget Repair can help. We have many rare and affordable TV replacement parts, from Vizio t-con boards to Samsung power supply boards. Contact us if you want to know more about our services.