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Repair Services In Lawrence, KS

Your Favorite Laptop & Phone Repair Services in Lawrence, KS.

We realize that you need various services for your smartphones, tablets, laptops, game consoles, and TVs. Budget Repair offers you a wide range of repairs to make all these devices work their best. We don’t charge you anything if your device is not repaired,
unless otherwise specified. Some labor-intensive repairs have a small fee associated with the repair attempt. We never do this without your informed consent.

Whether you’ve damaged the screen, buttons, battery, charging port, mic and speakers, or any hardware or software feature of your tech devices, we can help you fix everything. Our TV, smartphone, and tablet repair services include every component of these gadgets. You can count on us for all of that.

Phone Repair Service Lawrence
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What We Do
Repairs & Data Recovery


We can get your laptop back to life and recover all your lost data on the same day at lightning speed.


No matter how badly your phone is damaged, our technicians can bring it back from the ruins.


Your tablets can perform well again, and we can quickly recover all your critical data and files.


A television set can sometimes be hard to fix, but the staff at Budget Repair can do it easily.

Game Consoles

We have the equipment and skills to repair game consoles on the same day for your convenience.

General Electronics

We can fix and repair every electronic device you have with ease and in the shortest time.

What Our Client Says
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So I'm actually writing this review on the device that was repaired. My chromebook had a cracked hinge and a small part of the screen was opening up. I originally took my chromebook to uBreakiFix as it was only a five minute walk from my apartment. They were able to diagnose the problem and said they could make the repairs. They needed to order a certain part first and told me they'd call me once it arrived. Nearly three weeks later, still no call, so I went in to ask. They apologized and said they had the part, but it turned out to be the wrong one. Of course I wasn't going to wait any longer, so I took my service to this amazing place called Budget Repair. When I explained everything, Prabh immediately knew what was wrong and what to do. I left my chromebook in his care as he said it would be ready by Monday. ( I went in on a Thursday, I believe). When I picked it up, it was in excellent condition!! It truly looks as though there was never any damage at all. I wish I knew about this place sooner, but now that I do, I want to highly recommend that everyone should take their damaged devices to this business. The pricing was good and Prabh definitely knows what he's doing. I'd give ten stars if I could. Need something repaired? This is the only place you need!
Savannah Warren
Savannah Warren
My dad recommended this place to me, and I'm very glad I came here! Prabh is very kind and helpful. The prices are great, and they go to great lengths to make sure that you are aware of everything and get the best service. They even made sure that I knew if I got my new but poorly working computer fixed or replaced with the warranty that they may try to get out of it since it has been fixed by a third party, but that it is illegal for them to do it. They also offered me a backup computer for free while mine was getting fixed! I will definitely gone here again!
Taj Moses (Tajemy)
Taj Moses (Tajemy)
Very friendly, very kind and understanding. Professional and Knowledgeable about technology. Good prices and quick turn around. Highly recommended.
Sondra Speer
Sondra Speer
Saved me from having to buy a new printer. Diagnosed over text in less than 15 minutes when HP Tech Support never mentioned the option that worked in a 3+ hour phone call. Great service with compassion and caring; you can't beat that. I highly recommend them for any technological needs.
Chad Collins
Chad Collins
Prabh is thorough, professional and trustworthy. All of my electronic issues go through him. Thanks again!
Carol Salisbury
Carol Salisbury
I am so glad I found this skilled and honest man to solve my computer program. He keeps you involved with the stages of his repair work. He's good for his word.
Premier Tech Repair
Premier Tech Repair
As a technician myself, I can tell Prabh takes pride in the work he does. A client of mine was out of my area when her phone screen started acting up, and Prabh took care of it the same day, and at a great price. My client is happy, and I’m happy that Prabh was able to work with me to make everything right. Highly recommended!
Shantele Bowlin
Shantele Bowlin
Reasonably priced great customer service very friendly would highly recommend him to anyone.
Taylor Schmidt
Taylor Schmidt
Prabh was so helpful and gave me solutions to try before even bringing my computer in! Great service, very nice and great prices! Will definitely be coming back with all of my technology needs!