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10 Essential Tips by TV Repair Shop in Lawrence, KS, To Maintain Your TV Set

Keeping your flat screen in good working order will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for expensive repairs and replacement parts. Turning off the television before bed is a simple task, but it’s one that many people forget to do. 

Unregulated voltage spikes from your power supply can further degrade the internal circuits and should be avoided. Dust is the worst enemy of any electrical device when it comes to electronics repair services in Lawrence, KS since it can cause a short circuit and render the display unusable. 

Here are eleven TV repair shop in Lawrence, KS, guidelines to keep your TV in good working order.

Tips to Maintain a television by TV Repair Shop in Lawrence

1. Turn off your TV regularly

About sixty-five thousand hours is the average time a television may be used before it needs to be replaced. However, if you work or study with the TV on in the background or even fall asleep, you might develop the habit of doing so. 

As a result, its lifespan will shorten. And it might break in two years or such. Turning off the TV when it’s not in use can help you avoid this problem.

2. Optimal brightness

Maximizing your TV’s brightness settings constantly is another way to shorten its life. If you want your flat screen to last as long as possible, you shouldn’t do it. Eye strain can be caused by excessive light; therefore, it’s best to maintain a comfortable brightness level.

3. TVs also need to breathe

A well-ventilated area is essential for your flat-screen LCD TV. Since a lot of electricity is required, it usually produces a lot of heat. In order to let your TV cool down on its own after you switch it off, it is preferable to watch it in a dry, well-ventilated room. Also, the inside circuit wouldn’t become as hot when you use it, which would make it last longer.

4. Use a voltage regulator or a surge protector

You should also be aware of extreme voltage spikes. There will be significant damage to your electronic devices from these. Every time the power goes out and then comes back on suddenly, there is a chance of a voltage spike. 

Voltage variations are possible even during continuous electricity, such as thunderstorms and lightning. A voltage regulator isn’t only for TVs; it’ll take care of your AC, fridge, washer, microwave, and more. Surge protectors are also available and are reasonably priced.

5. Clean your TV from time to time

Your home’s TVs should be cleaned with materials designed specifically for that purpose. As the dust settles on the display, it might obscure the image. Don’t ever try to wipe the screen with water. Static-dissipative cleaning products are essential, and they’re completely safe to use. Moreover, you can also call out an expert to get tips about you television issues.

7. Keep the sharp objects away

Since LCD panels are so much more delicate, they are quickly damaged by sharp things, and the damage may be irreversible in some cases. That’s why putting as much distance as possible between you and the items in question is important.

8. Appropriate use of contrast

Shortening the life of your flat screen is a side effect of using high-contrast settings. Since more processing power is being consumed at high contrast levels, the picture quality is expected to decline in the next few years. Changing the contrast rates periodically is so recommended.

9. Keep dust away

Dust is bad for your TV’s health, as was explained earlier. It can colonize the surface of your screen and the inside components of your flat-panel television. It may slow down the TV’s response time. Electronic vacuum pumps designed for common household electronics can be used.

10. Avoid low temperatures

Condensation forms when the temperature is cold, and that moisture can seep into other elements of your TV and cause damage. Therefore, if you are at home and the weather outside is sub-zero, you should probably not switch on the TV.

11. Burn-in prevention

If you want to avoid burn-in, you should avoid watching TV for long stretches of time, during which certain visuals will persist for significantly longer than others.


A television with a broken or cracked screen has either an LCD, LED, or Plasma display. Most experts of TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS, agree that the cost of repairing a broken LCD screen is too high to justify the purchase of a new TV.

Repairing screen cracks is usually impossible due to the process’s sensitivity. Any of the solutions mentioned by TV repair shops in Lawrence, KS earlier, will work to fix the broken LCD. 

Budget Repair offers in-home service from highly trained experts that are fluent in TV upkeep and can help you locate high-quality products to prolong the life of your flat-screen TV.